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Ticket To The Moon Moon Straps Webbing [2x250cm: Pair]


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Ticket to the Moon´s Moon Straps, the daisy-chain suspension solution that combines tree-friendly properties, small packing size, higher durability and higher load.




The most flexible suspension solution: reliable under all circumstances

Moon Straps can individually support loads up to 200kg, making them reliable tools in demanding situations. They’re excellent compliments to all sizes of hammocks in order to accommodate multiple users. Each strap is highly durable and keeps the bark of the tree safe. The textured strap is even compatible with smoother surfaces, such as metallic poles.

Each Moon Strap comes with with nine attachment loops. Sold by pair. Each pair includes a handy carrying pouch.


Product Features:

Dimensions: 2cm x 260cm x 2cm (0.8in x 8.5ft x 0.8in)

Maximum static load: 200kg (440lbs)

2 pcs of Moon Straps

Nine fastening loops per strap

Net weight: 260g (9.2oz) Material: 100% polyester 10-year warranty

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