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Naturehike Suede Pillow


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Product Description:

This Naturehike (100% original)

Original Suede Flocking Inflatable Air Pillow gives you maximum comfort at outdoor events and even during flights. With anti slip technology sewn together, fear no more neck pain when you are awake. Effortlessly inflate and deflate air pillow in seconds (with double layered air nozzle)

Airtight construction to prevent escape of air

Anti slip surface Made with durable materials

Comfortable and portable, ultralightweight

Color Variation: Blue, Red, Mocha Technical

Specification: Measurement: 42 x 28 x 12cm

Measurement (folded): 11 x 8.5 x 4cm

Material: Suede Polyester Anti slip texture Item

Weight: 150g


Visa blue, Orange, Mocca brown

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